Utterly charming piece of French history. These ornate monogram rubber stamps, attached to wooden blocks, would have been inked and then stamped into the linen item for Mademoiselle to embroider her initials. The ink would then be washed off and the sheet left pristine.

They look wonderful as part of a French display of delightful curios.  
The picture with the numbers on has been digitally reversed so you can see the letter clearly. 

The prices vary according to size:


1. is 11cm x 10 cm

2. is 10cm x 10cm

3. is 10cm x 8cm 

4. is 8.5cm x 7.5 cm 

5. is 8cm x 6 cm

6. is 6cm x 5.5 cm

7. is 6cm x 6cm


The sizes are of course approximate and some of the blocks have pencil writing and ink on the back from use

Any questions, please do contact me.


If you order several items and the combined shipping charge is more than the actual cost, I will refund the difference. 

Antique French embroidery monogram stamps for trousseau linen

15,00 €Prix