Now very sought after and once used to serve 'The Green Fairy' as absinthe was known in French café society. Popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s, it had a reputation of being associated with bohemian culture. 
Absinthe spoons are made of fairly thin pressed metal as they were often lost or damaged and had to be replaced by the bar owner. 
The spoon was placed horizontally over the rim of the glass, supported by the kink in the handlea sugar lump was put on the flat perforated part and the absinthe poured over it into the glass.

There is a choice of designs in the pull down menu; the older spoons (1,2,3) have patina of age or there are the two more modern spoons which are still shiny, these are pictured separately. 

They measure approximately 6.5" or 16cm long. 

Vintage French Bistro absinthe spoons

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