A wide variety of vintage French serve ware for your table and use as display and as props. Please choose from the pull down me use and prices vary. 

The larger ladle is fabulous quality and hallmarked Christofle, Charles Halphen. Christofle is a supplier to HM the Queen. It is a heavy, fine quality late 19th century antique piece and is in great condition except for a minor plate loss where the bowl rests on the table. It is 35cm or 13.75" long. 
The more patinated ladle is a classic design and hallmarked on the bowl. It measures 32cm or 12.5". 

The salad servers are classic and high quality 1930s Art Deco, heavily patinated and with plate loss to the bowls. They are 16.5cm or 10.5" long. 

The cake server is beautiful and Art Deco too. Patinated but in good condition, it has a hallmarked brass slice with an indistinctly hallmarked handle. It is 18.5cm or 11.25"

The tablespoon has a beautiful patina on the bowl and measures 21.25cm or 8.5" long. 
Don't you just love the patina of vintage silver? We don't clean away the patina of use and touch of many hands through these utensils' history, we preserve their story for you to see. All items would of course polish if required and all are cleaned with a little warm soapy water to marke sure they arrive with you clean.

If you order more than one item, shipping will be combined. If the actual shipping costs are less we will refund. 

Silvered serving flatware vintage French and Christofle

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