Captivating Mary and Jesus portraits in timeworn gesso frames. The execution of the portraits is outstanding and the colours remain bright. 
These would have been on the wall together in a French home and prayed to and referred to regularly.  

Both picutres are a little wavy as they are card backed and have got wet, but except for a few age related marks the pictures themselves are in good condition for their age. Re-backed they would sit well in their frames. 

The frames have some gesso missing, as is always the way. I have cleaned gently with a just damp microfibre cloth, the frames would clean further if required. 
These are colour prints not paintings, as reflected in the price. They have a slightly glossy finish as if painted. 

They measure 45cm 17.5" by 35cm or 13.5"

Pair of vintage portraits of Mary and Jesus in original gesso frames

48,00 €Prix