Part of a young girl's trousseau, she would start to learn to embroider with initials of torchons and move on to the more complicated sheets and napkins as her expertise grew. 
These torchons are antique and have been used, giving them a soft and creamy linen texture. 
Monogramme VO is in soft creamy linen and measures  76cm 30" and 55cm by 21.5"

Monogramme AC, there are two  torchons in more structured fabric, creamy with a lovely texture 90cm 35" by 55cm 21.5" 

Monogramme MA is lovely creamy linen. There is a faint tea coloured stain from being folded in storage in an armoire, it doesn't show in the photographs but is visible in sunlight. It measures 33" 84cm long by 48cm 18.5" wide

Monogrammed French linen métis red stripe torchons

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