Choice of two huge wooden rosaries, carved by monks and nuns and sold as a souvenir of the pilgrimage or visit to the monetary, to supplement their  meagre income.  These are long and impressed rosaries which  would have been used regularly in prayer and displayed insirde the house. 
The paler beads are natural, unvarnished  and larger, approximately 0.75" wide. Unfortunately the cross has lost its Christ. They are very tactile and look good displayed with rustic treasures. 
The other set has slightly smaller beads - just over 0.5" The cross is carved on both sides 

Both measure approximately 43" hanging from 'nape' to end of crucifix. This makes the loop approximately 64" and the drop to the crucifix is 11" approximately on the paler beads and 12" of the darker rosary. 

Large carved wooden bead rosary or Chapelet

48,00 € Prix original
40,80 €Prix soldé