Beautiful wooden timeworn chopping or serving boards. In a French kitchen there would be a stack of these charming boards, a different one for each type of food. 
The prices vary by size, please choose which ones you would like from the pull down menu. 

Each has its own unique patina, some with splits or cracks, all with chopping marks and the delightful patina of daily use.  Please do look at the photographs that form part of the description and contact me if you would like any more details.

Board 1 is light in tone with a rounded handle measuring 12" or 30cm  by 5" or 13cm. It has the oval mark of a hot casserole dish on one side.

Board 2  measures 13" x 5.25" and has lots of fabulous wear in the centre on both sides. 

Board 3 has a split to the join on both sides. It could be easily repaired and used. This is entirely what would be done in a traditional French kitchen, where objects are mended not discarded. It measures 15.5" x 8".

board 4 is darker wood. . One side is flat the other has a groove and dimple in the corner to catch juices. It measures 45.5cm, just under 18" long and 13cm or 9" wide.


If you order several items, then postage will be combined and any overpayment will be refunded. 


French vintage rustic chopping and serving boards

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