Christofle is France's premier silverware manufacturer. Founded in Paris in 1830 it quickly became a favourite luxury brand with its quality and style. It's customers include the Queen and other  U.K. Royal households. 

In art nouveau style, this is a particularly elegant full set of 12 knife rests that would grace any table. They are a good vintage age and a particularly elegant style, decorated on the ends and the top where the knife rests.


In elegant French society it is considered bad manners to rest the knife on the side of the plate when pausing and even worse to dirty the tablecloth with your knife, thus the use of knife rests which developed into a beautiful decorative element for the table. 

The knife rests measure 9cm 3.5" long and 3cm 1.5" tall. 


12 Chistofle silver plated knife rests

175,00 €Prix